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PosCor is a product-system-service utilising body-motion tracking technology to identify and analyse hazardous actions and movements to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Users and physiotherapists can then use the resulting database of information to improve the working conditions and well-being of those in the small to medium (SME) manufacturing industry. An ageing workforce is leading to a dwindling manual labour supply across many sectors, and there will be long-term implications for the commercial viability of many of these industries.

People lose muscular strength, experience vision and hearing loss, and reduced mobility as they age. In addition, they are more vulnerable to muscular/skeletal issues caused by repetitive and awkward movements. In conjunction with WorkSafe Victoria, the state's safety and health regulator, we were tasked with designing a solution to tackle the issues of an ageing workforce. Our design was framed as a preventative solution focusing on the manufacturing industry.

PosCor has been designed as a fully integrated product-system-service to meet the user's needs. The design consists of workers wearing standard work overalls fitted with motion tracking sensors. Over time, as the user completes their daily tasks, the suit gathers data about the types of actions completed, deciphering what actions may be considered hazardous. This data is presented to the user, and a physiotherapist in a custom user interface as 3D animated simulations. This highly interactive data form allows all stakeholders to understand problem areas better and thus create preventative solutions.

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