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In the last decade, we have witnessed the introduction of assistive and interactive technologies. Digital Assistants like Siri, Cortana and Alexa have become part of our Digital devices. However, the current interactive ecosystems lack individual product intelligence and the ability to initiate interventions and interact with people, other 'dumb' devices or each other. Therefore my team's intervention was in the retail sector, and the design outcome was a series of robots tasked with maintaining and running the many various aspects of a shopping centre.

S1 is a multifaceted droid that provides several features to customers at shopping centres. It is equipped with a touch screen, microphones and speakers, creating various ways to communicate with it. In addition, it can move around and offers multiple assistance and security features to keep users safe.

S2 and S3 are supplementary droids which control their own aspects of the shopping centre. S2 is equipped with a cleaning unit and vision sensors to clean messes around the shopping centre. S3 is equipped with two storage bays to facilitate deliveries between the stores and customers while also moving things to customers' cars.

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