Hey, I'm Shashank.
A Product Designer
based in Melbourne.


What I'm doing right now


RMIT, Industrial Design Student

I am studying in my final year of Industrial Design, working on my final honours project, an innovative new phototherapy unit for the treatment of jaundice in new-born babies.


Tapt, Product Manager

As a junior product manager, I help to plan and build new features and products for our web and app platforms. I work with developer teams to not only design, but manage projects from conception through to deployment.


shashank.design, Freelance Designer

As a freelancer, I have completed many jobs spanning a wide variety of clients, from early concepts and prototyping for new products, to logo design and branding, to presentation quality renders, animation and CGI.

My Skills

Over my years studying and working within the industry, these are some of the core skills I have developed.

Product Design

During my time studying and working, product design has been the centre of all my work. Whether physical products or digital, I believe I can create the best possible solutions to a problem.

UX/UI Design

In my role as junior product manager at Tapt, II have always ensured that my work strongly focuses on user-centred design. The end-user, whoever they may be, is always the key focus of what I do to provide the best possible design.


CGI is a passion of mine outside of my core work, but over time I have taken these skills to elevate my work. I translate the product's story to the end-user using animation and CGI.

Product Rendering

A core aspect of my professional work centres around producing high-quality product renderings for my clients for use in presentations, social media and e-commerce websites.


I love experimenting and trying new things, and I'm constantly sharing these on my Instagram. If you're someone who enjoys that too, feel free to follow me over there!

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Wanna have a chat?

Now that you know a bit about me, feel free to have a chat! I'm always looking to meet new people, try new things, take on new jobs and try new opportunities.

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